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Trendsetting vision &
brand-building expertise.

That’s what we’re known for. And it’s what’s made so many of our clients successful. When we put our creative thinking caps on we don’t just venture outside the box. We’re known for letting our pie in-the-sky ideas forge new directions in luxury branding, creating cohesive programs that draw on every promotional platform to achieve brand objectives.

We really love helping new brands grow which is why we started The Collective. Our creative brilliance at forging new directions in building premier lifestyle brands has made us the go-to agency for bringing luxury identities to the forefront with ground-up transformation. Our winning formula: discovering fresh, relevant talent and creating lucrative reference points for optimizing their brand recognition in the global marketplace.

Designers seeking to establish their brands look to our powerful portfolio of marketing strategies to place them in the company of some of the biggest players in the luxury world. And, of course, industry leaders like to keep an eye on our latest discoveries. They know we’re a great source for the Next Big Thing.

We at Robb Report have had the opportunity to meet thousands of people throughout the world of Luxury.
As we scour the globe to report on 'The Best of the Best', we find that it always comes down to the quality of the people. We have found that Sande Finkle's knowledge, years of experience and remarkable perspective would enhance any luxury marketer's potential. However, the most remarkable part of Sande is her undying passion, work ethic, ability to feel market trends (sometimes even setting them) her limitless 'out of the box thinking' and her creativity. She is a true innovator in marketing! Sande is detailed in all parts of her business, she hosts near perfect events and she creates environments that attract and benefit both buyer and seller. We've witnessed that Sande is respected by the most sought after retailers – nationwide – as well as all luxury media. Perhaps most importantly she has the ear of editors and writers throughout luxury media who are very selective to whom they give an audience.
If you are committed to breaking new ground, growing your business by marketing truly unique, high quality products or services, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Sande." William J. Curtis, Chief Executive Officer, Robb Report
When we launched Elite Traveler in 2001 Sande Finkel was one of the first to notice, understand and take advantage of the media platforms we had created targeting Ultra High Net Worth private jet travelers. Together we were able to develop several 'industry first' programs that not only created buzz and awareness but generated millions of dollars in direct sales. Sande not only has great ideas but is open to new ideas and working as a true partner.” Douglas Gollan, Group President and Co-Founder, Elite Traveler Media Group
Sande is an icon within our industry. I can't think of anyone who grasps marketing and all its nuances from the perspective of both the retailer and the designer the way she does. She has been a friend and colleague of mine for decades where I have experienced her "in action" and she is formidable! That being said, she always maintains her integrity and credibility. It is an honor for me to be known as her friend.” Jim Rosenheim, CEO, Tiny Jewel. Box Jewels Washington DC
Sande is one of the few executives who can provide both marketing expertise and sales ability. She is a tireless worker and has relationships that she has developed and kept for over 20 years. She has worked with the Harper's Bazaar and Hearst Corporate teams for over two years now and everyone is thrilled with the results.” Kevin Martinez, Associate Publisher, Hearst
Sande is an enthusiastic, creative, professional. A loyal passionate executive that will offer to any company a comprehensive forward thinking creative approach to marketing. Her contacts and global involvement will help to shape your company with exposure needed to develop.” Tim Braun, VP GM Director, Neiman Marcus, Scottsdale
Sande is a marketing guru! I worked with Sande while at The New York Times and Newsday. Over the years Sande was London Jewelers "secret weapon". Her marketing talent, coupled with her savvy sales ability certainly proved beneficial to London Jewelers. Sande kept current, on trend and always presented herself with professionalism. In her position it was important that you knew who Sande was...she was a critical player to all in media sales. Sande is smart, sophisticated, connected and brilliant at her craft.” Ali Jabbour, Creator, Host, Producer at "Girl's Night Out" TV Show